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Mobility of the future

Askim Kintziger

Innovation Strategist and Co-founder at Junction



After studying Pedagogics in Ghent, I’ve worked for about 8 years at the Ghent University (Faculty of Pedagogics and Pyschology), where we helped other companies with the implementation of Diversity Management, Change Management and how to work with minorities and people with special needs. I also volunteered at TedX Ghent (in the Communication Team) for one year, and since 2014 I’m an active Startup Weekend Organizer. There we’ve organized multiple hackathons in multiple sectors, and out of that our company was founded.

Currently, we organize complete innovation tracks for corporate clients, focusing on the development of new business models & implementing Change Management processes too. We believe “The people side of innovation” is an essential factor in establishing successful future-proof companies. We also organize our own innovation events such as ‘Mobility of the Future’. We work with clients in every industry and have a focus on Mobility, Logistics and Education.

At Junction, we take up the innovation challenge together with your company. From analysis to implementation, we’ve got it covered. We don’t only focus on the technical side of innovation but are also convinced that “the people side of innovation” is equally important to obtain results and to establish the culture you want.

You can count on us for innovation strategy and business consulting, innovation tracks such as boot camps, hackathons, design thinking workshops, and for professional coaching to lift yourself and your organization to the next level. To stay ahead of the competition, to create a workplace culture where employees can thrive and to develop new business models.