Taking the lead.

We’re future facing, and entrepreneurial, taking the wheel when it comes to shaking up the market and creating partnerships. We believe that the future of mobility is a shared journey, not one done alone. Seamlessly connected, created with each other’s values and benefits in mind.

As an independent family-owned company based in Europe, with over 60 years of experience and expertise in lubricants, we have established a unique collaboration with additive suppliers. These partnerships give us direct access to the latest technologies and formulations.

A well-coordinated team.

Our leaders have the experience to drive us forwards, to take mobility’s concerns of tomorrow, and plot the route ahead to make that road actionable today. They believe that genuine partnerships are the key to make tomorrow’s mobility as fluid as the lubricants produced on the factory floor.

Our team of passionate and entrepreneurial professionals is always on hand. That’s the advantage of our big enough to deliver, small enough to care mantra, with best in market technico-commercial advice, support and services, competitive Private Label and own brands. Everything you’ll need in today’s fast-moving market.

The road ahead.

We meet tomorrow’s challenges with a dedicated R&D team, onsite laboratory and stringent quality control throughout the production processes. We are also fully accredited by official parties and hold all necessary OEM approvals and ISO certifications. Thanks to this and the proximity of the port of Antwerp – an enviable gateway to the world – we have gained a truly international presence with exports to over 98 countries.

Our future holds a lot, it only takes a quick glance at the press, in the automotive world. And for us at Wolf Oil Corporation too.
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